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  1. Yamakasi Catleap Q270 (100hz guaranteed)
  2. Thank you SCRIBBY
  3. DIY pcb?
  4. bonerific!
  5. Any planned waiting list?
  6. New Name! Extreme or Transform? Help out!
  7. 120hz IPS vs 120hz TN
  8. Is the 60HZ monitor worth getting?
  9. Limited Supply of Catleap 2Bs?
  10. PC + AVR + Q270 = ok?
  11. 4:3?
  12. Dell 2407 compared to Catleap
  13. So how's this Q270 for gaming?
  14. Graphics power required
  15. CATLEAP vs ShiMian
  16. Triple Monitor with TV
  17. What's this? 2b?
  18. Support Graphics Cards?
  19. Does a DP->DVI converter allow overclocking?
  20. Yamakasi Catleap Q270 Sale Information! (85hz, 100hz, 120hz)
  21. Who deserves more than one monitor in the initial batch?
  22. Best Ebay Seller for non OC Catleap?
  23. AMD Eyefinity with 3+ overclocked catleap's?
  24. Catleap Tempered Glass Benefits
  25. Forcing higher refresh rate damages?
  26. Configuring the Catleap!
  27. If you just bought a monitor: Please read
  28. Why am I only seeing 70 hz?
  29. Suggestion for the next set of monitors to go on sale - Timing is everything!
  30. The catleap for general purpose, maya / photoshop / facebook / etc.
  31. nvidea geforce 690
  32. 80-100hz cap on a lot of setups, what happens if we lower the resolution?
  33. A pretty comprehensive refresh webtool.
  34. Serial #E monitors
  35. Picked up a 2B in Seoul
  36. catleap on laptops
  37. Catleap 2B and Battlefield 3 - best videocard for the job?
  38. DHL delivery in Canada
  39. 2D not 2B Catleap/Worth Trying an OC?
  40. How to Check Catleap version
  41. Non Overclocked Catleap for gaming
  42. alright, fess up ebay bidder!
  43. Powerstrip wont be updated anytime soon to support anything else
  44. Is it my imagination or is there a gradient backlight issue?
  45. Replacing A- panel with A+
  46. English OSD?
  47. Prices going up?
  48. How many Swedes are getting the Catleap?
  49. Second monitor gets low resolution - issue
  50. 100 hz+ overclock--a little buzzing okay?
  51. 100Hz vs. 60Hz side-by-side video and CS:Source
  52. PixPerAn readability test results @ 120hz - anyone?
  53. The lesser evil!
  54. Card Upgrade
  55. Bezel Comparison
  56. Countries Catleap 2b were posted to..
  57. 2nd Monitor not detected
  58. Yamakasi "Extreme" Catleap Sale Information
  59. *Solid* green light + black screen?
  60. Remove 60 Hz?
  61. Thanks for this opportunity to obtain the Holy Grail of monitors
  62. How do I get on the list to buy or where can I find a 120hz panel?
  63. 2B PCB deal dead?
  64. Was the 2b worth it? Be honest..
  65. Catleap stand
  66. How to adjust screen position with No OSD
  67. Selling my 2B Catleap Extreme Local Pick-up only / SF Bay Area
  68. Catleap Can't get past 115hz
  69. Small Dents in the Top Bezel
  70. Irregular Activity on my bank account
  71. Warranty Details Please!
  72. Catleap dimming
  73. What is this?
  74. buy from ebay
  75. How can I create a customer driver with my own EDID defined?
  76. Games stuck at 60Hz after OC to 82Hz
  77. Overclocking the 2B without the custom driver?
  78. Catleap Multi-Monitor Questions
  79. Display resizing with nvidia drivers?
  80. SquareTrade Warranty Eligible?
  81. Selling Catleap Extreme - San Diego pick up - US Shipping
  82. Which Monoprice Dual DVI Wire - 28AWG or 24AWG?
  83. Is there a waiting list?
  84. Lightening the Q270
  85. Someone please explain the difference..
  86. Red screen in Windows 7?
  87. Placing order for the Catleap 120Hz Display. e-Shop sais "Sold Out".
  88. Q270 MULTI "LIMITED" version 61-125hz
  89. I couldn't wait any longer...
  90. How to clean your catleap?
  91. BF3 High res
  92. Would DisplayPort have been easier to use?
  93. 2B Catleap for sale on Ebay 500$
  94. How to measure brightness of Catleap
  95. Catleap or a low response TFT 120hz monitor for gaming?
  96. Any way to change the 'default' hz ?
  97. 1440p through HDMI 1.4
  98. screen gone black?!?!
  99. Modified AMD/ATI driver to allow higher refresh rates
  100. ICC Profile in games
  101. Consequences of running @ 120hz
  102. Disassembly request of a catleap video
  103. Will this monitor or other 1440p work with ATI Radeon HD 5870?
  104. Any luck fixing stuck pixels?
  105. PSA: Buy a New DVI Cable
  106. Contrast measurements - how much is yours?
  107. Hypermatrix
  108. flickering on catleaps
  109. "Extreme 2B" Buyer Satisfaction Poll
  110. Catleap issue :(
  111. ???
  112. A+, A, A-. What's the criteria?
  113. Overclockable Multi Just arrived - No discernable input lag vs 2C
  114. Custom Resolutions in NVIDIA control panel, need help
  115. It's mid June, any info on when the next batch is shipping?
  116. Catleap backlight bleed from top - semi-fix
  117. CatLeap OC version
  118. Displayport -> DVI adapters add latency
  119. Catleap, ShiMian, Crossover, PCBank - break-down of each model (read before ebaying).
  120. difference between these two catleaps?
  121. Windows 7 vs Windows 8 DWM rendering
  122. Active shutter glasses for ATI card ?
  123. No Scaler? How about 1080p?
  124. Can't get games to show higher than 60Hz
  125. A way to get 1440p 120hz in the UK?
  126. OC max 80Hz with new NVIDIA GeForce 304.48 Drivers
  127. Determine which Catleap I'd need v.Graphic works
  128. Catleap 27" Duty Fees
  129. What would you do? Catleap 2B PC Build (AMD/NVIDIA PCI 3.0 / Hz issues).
  130. Catleap hissing sound
  131. 2B Availability?
  132. Difference between these 2 catleap q270's ?
  133. 23" Catleap question
  134. The Monitor Update
  135. Can nVidia GTX 560 handle overclocked monitor ?
  136. Nvidia Beta Drivers 304.48 bugging out :(
  137. Sudden ghosting/glow!?
  138. overclocked my 2f to 64hz!! yeehaa haha
  139. My Catleap is lonely. Easiest route to "supported"?
  140. How reflective
  141. Color calibration
  142. Mini Displayport to DVI Dual Link Success
  143. Eye Strain
  144. Anyone has tried the 23" Catleap?
  145. regarding refresh rate - does 2gb or 4gb memory on graphics card make a difference?
  146. Non-Native Resolution 120hz possible with Kepler
  147. YAMAKASI 2703 LED IPS Tempered Glass 27" LED 2560x1440
  148. 2560x1440 aspect ratio problem?
  149. Are all Catleaps the same?
  150. Sum of all problems
  151. Lifting the 60Hz limit
  152. 120Hz testimonies and review quotes
  153. Is a 120hz a must?
  154. Did i just buy the wrong version?
  155. Frankensteining an actual 120hz catleap
  156. 2B's? Whats it worth?
  157. just got a catleap and question on the power adapter
  158. WTF??? OC monitors 400 buy in?
  159. Can someone tell me whether I really need a 2B version please? I'm kind of lost.
  160. 120 Hz YAMAKASI 300 LEONIDAS 30" LCD S-IPS PANEL 2560x1600
  161. Catleap Shipping to Canada.. Custom charges?
  162. Tempered glass?
  163. Idea's to stop high prices on new batch of catleaps ?
  164. Have ASUS 120hz TN, worth it to switch?
  165. Yamakasi Catleap 2B Owner/Feedback Thread
  166. Wave 2 Sale Thread!
  167. My Finger to Witech
  168. For Sneaky
  169. Customs charges in the UK
  170. Gaming and Video Card Support Questions
  171. Just managed to buy a 2B, now what?
  172. Shipping info
  173. 2B Catleap Sales Question
  174. ya ya ya hyper
  175. Hi, getting anxious of this tension
  176. Invoice questions
  177. my catleap experience, win8, gtx680, 120hz, YAY!
  178. Is the GTX 480 or GTX 285 supported?
  179. Is 2GB VRAM enough?
  180. My experiences with the 2B Catleap
  181. Best D-DVI Cable?
  182. 2b or not???
  183. Do I need a Power Converter for Yamakasi 270
  184. Good News
  185. Q271 LED, new Multi version with HDMI 1.4a
  186. FSM-300MV 61-120hz??? or wrong information?
  187. Anyplace to buy a PCB (not necessarily 2B)
  188. YAMAKASI 300 LEONIDAS 30" LCD S-IPS PANEL 2560x1600
  189. Response time at 120hz?
  190. How much does the monitor weigh?
  191. Any way to fix a scratch on the Catleap?
  192. 3 * Yamakasi setup with CrossFired 7970OC
  193. 302.42 stutter, something that worked for me.
  194. gtx 570 sli 120hz ?
  195. Red screen flash at startup
  196. Aesthetic Opinions & Questions
  197. Some basic questions/answers regarding 2B (Refresh Rate, IPS, SLI, CFX, Etc)
  198. Triple Catleap with 7970, no signal
  199. yamakasi defect ??
  200. Black detail level on the Catleap
  201. Can't Get GTX 590 to stay at 100hz
  202. Q271 - A slightly better Yamakasi multi?
  203. 2b Catleap delayed?
  204. Yamakasi Catleap 27" Multi
  205. Purchasing a new DVI-D cable.
  206. 2b pcb
  207. Flashing green light / loose capacitor
  208. What Mount are people using?
  209. 1 extra 2B Catleap for sale
  210. Weird problem with Catleap pre-120hz.net
  211. Shipped and Tracked
  212. "Generic" PCBs?
  213. How Important is a Good DVI cable.
  214. Anyone brought White Yamakasi Cat Leap ?
  215. Those 'limited' OC 27" monitors have gone from $529 to $1K, the multi ones on ebay
  216. Catleap included cables info
  217. Catleap Extreme just arrived!
  218. alibaba.com Overclockable YAMAKASI Catleap Q270 LED Terminator
  219. Thanks hyper
  220. New Korean workout machine is even funnier than the Shakeweight
  221. Alibaba - overclocked catleap listed by witech
  222. Hardware for mounting stand to monitor
  223. Got my Monitor - Bad Back light?
  224. Line doubling on 2C/newer SE models? 360/PS3 compatible somehow?
  225. Awesome Triple Screen
  226. How many prepaid and waiting for the next shipment to go out?
  227. No VESA mounting holes on my new 2B? What gives..?
  228. Hundred plus Stuck Pixels
  229. Older ENB's support refresh rate overriding.
  230. Catleap Multi - on board GPU and HDCP question
  231. Help with custom fees!
  232. The Waiting List
  233. OC'ed Catleap = Huge idle GPU temp
  234. Screen Blacks out @ 66hz+
  235. 120Hz smooth scrolling in Google Chrome
  236. Got my Catleap, all is well except...
  237. Stuck or dead pixels?
  238. WTB your 2b Catleap - AT A PREMIUM PRICE!
  239. New 2B's Perfect or Defective tell all of us
  240. Catleap Vs Auria - Bios Problems
  241. Nvidia Surround - Two Side Monitors OC to 120hz, Middle 100hz???
  242. Brown shit at bottom right of my monitor
  243. Difference between 2B and non 2B
  244. Can barely overclock the new 2B's.
  245. Yamakasi Catleap Q270 "2B - Overclock Edition" Still possible to order ?
  246. This the right one
  247. *WARNING* To all who wan't these monitors hold off
  248. Nvidia Sli drivers..will they ever be fixed for 120hz
  249. 2nd Batch Info
  250. YAMAKASI CATLEAP Q270 SE 27 LED Differences