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02-16-2013, 07:25 PM
Anyone else buy it after the huge amount of chritisizm and bad reviews?

I got it and it was completely pants at first. But after allot of googling and messing with the settings ive got the game looking pretty amazing and runs really really smooth too.

Its actually a very fun game, makes you jump allot and the story is good, also has great sounds. Its nothing amazing, but it is a fun and entertaining game.

With an open mind and without being a sheep and following everyone else, I give this game a solid 7.5/10 (with all the settings tweaked)

the aliens are great the way they come at you, they sometimes jump 30 feet to your face and you hit them with your shotgun and they burst into peices and green stuff sprays all over you its awesome lol!! this is only if you do the mods.

Gameplay is very smooth and responsive at 120hz, very accurate.

I havent been into the MP much yet but its meant to be quite fun.

Havent come across any glitches like ive seen on youtube which are funny lol, but they said they patched that on day 1.

The game is worth 30 (or w/e it is in the US) if your a big alien fan, and is worth 20 if you just like games.

Its definitely not as bad as people are saying, its easy saying a game is crap listening to bad reviews and without playing it, or playing it for 5 minutes.

The problem is with the max graphical settings as it comes on the PC, and the settings on the consoles, it is pretty crap and this is what everyone sees. It completely changes when you alter the ini settings, and there is allot to do, but only took me 10 minutes.

Im really glad I got it, as I was one of the people who thought it was just crap, but bit the bullet and Im really happy I did.
Its a shame some of what was in the Demo didnt make it into the final game (probably dumbing down for consoles) but in allot of respects it actually looks better than the demo, and with changes you can make it look more atmospheric like the demo too.

07-15-2014, 05:35 PM
I guess I'm one of the few players who never had any problems with this game, but unfortunately multiplayer was dead by the time I started playing. Still, it's good fun to get a few friends together for a coop campaign and see who can get the most kills.