View Full Version : Buying : Catleap/Qnix/Crossover (only EU/Gemany)

06-11-2013, 07:16 AM
Hi i am from Germany and i've been looking for an IPS/PLS panel (27") for quiet some time, because some people in the EU might want to sell theirs i'm not yet ordering a new one from korea,
as well i'm kinda undecided on which monitor to get since they all have some good/bad things going for it.

I'm interested in an all-around type monitor, but im also going to game on it, it should have a
good picture quality
good response times
no/minor backbleed
no pixel issues (dead/stuck etc.)

If it were Overclockable it would be nice but 120Hz capability is not THAT important.

It should definately be atleast good for gaming, i heard the Crossover 2720MDP is very good for that.
Offers from Germany or Europe only, If you make an offer via PM or Comment please be able provide a picture of your monitor. i'm willing to pay atleast 300 via PayPal or Cash for a used/new quality monitor.
My reputation on eBay
Also any other suggestions and further info welcome.