View Full Version : SweetFX [Guides, Settings and Trouble Shooting]

06-13-2013, 04:29 AM
For anyone who doesn't know what this is please visit the Official Download Page:

I thought this may be a very helpful Sticky topic especially for those with QNIX / X-STAR Monitors that darken due to overclocking.

Please post any Guides you have made, Settings you have made for particular games or any Trouble Shooting / Problems you may have (know of for any particular Games).

I have not actually successfully used this in any games yet. I tried using it for BO2 but had an error where
BO2 went into a Black Screen start up loop. So I am initially asking here if anyone knows how to
get this working correctly with BO2, I followed the Guide I found on the steam forums to the letter
with no success so any help would be greatly appreciated