View Full Version : Displayport>>dl-dvi active adapters?

09-07-2013, 08:56 AM
Ok, this is a noob question sorry:( i couldn't find confirmation either way
I was just wondering what I was to do when DVI is dropped from video cards in the future.
I'd heard that basically the reason displayport and their ilk don't support dl-dvi, is due to the number of pins, and as such probably never will:(
I was wondering how well the displayport active adapters work?

I've heard so many things said, but never any definitive confirmation, do they actually allow you to achieve framerates higher than 60hz?
and if so how high? 82? 89? 92? 107? 120? 425mhz? 358mhz? 330mhz? ( heard all of these stated in one place or another.
What about a list of all that work (if any) with plus 60hz framerates?
i.e. does this one work

09-07-2013, 10:39 AM
I don't expect that DVI will be dropped from video cards anytime soon...

In any case, yes those adapters work, sometimes...the problem is that there can be an adapter-internal pixel clock limit that restricts your maximum OC to only 100Hz, or 85Hz, or whatever, even if your particular monitor, card and DVI connection all support something higher. I remember Vega had good results with an Accell adapter back when he had a Catleap OC, but don't remember if it gave him the full 120Hz. There's also the real possibility that one adapter will differ from another adapter of the exact same model, just like DVI cables can.

I personally would contact the adapter manufacturer and seller before purchasing, to get them to state what the adapter's pixel click limit is first. Cheers