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09-13-2013, 03:00 AM
I've been a huge critic of Apple computers. I despise them for their lack of flexibility in almost every aspect. I believe they are utter trash unless you need them for a specific purpose, or you are a computer novice. However, I fell madly in love with the iPhone and have owned every single one made so far. So people understand this better...let me list it out:

iPhone (original)
iPhone 3g
iPhone 3gs
iPhone 4
iPhone 4s
iPhone 5

I've also owned every iPad:

iPad (original)
iPad 2
iPad 3 ("iPad with Retina Display")
iPad 4 (Same as above with faster cpu/gpu)

And I will definitely buy the iPad 5 when it comes out. And there's a damn good reason for it. Hard. Ware. For some reason, everyone has trouble matching Apple in terms of GPU power. This doesn't make any sense to me. From day 1, the iPhone used the GPU to render webpages. This allowed them to load faster, and for zooming/scrolling to be faster than on any competing device. It wasn't until Android 3.0 that Google finally implemented GPU acceleration for menus, icons, web browsing, other general tasks. This was the first time that an Android device became even slightly attractive to me, and it was around the same time the iPhone 4S had come out. So I decided to give it a shot and I bought a Galaxy Nexus. And it was terrible. I overclocked it. Undervolted it. Tweaked the heck out of it. And it still left me missing my iPhone like crazy. So after having it for 6 months, I sold it and went back to the iPhone 4S.

So why did I get a different phone if I was so happy with the iPhone anyway? Well...a 3.5" screen leaves a lot to be desired. A year before getting the android phone, I had even purchased an LG Windows Mobile 7 phone. For a single core processor, it had a very responsive UI. Lack of apps, poor battery life, and missing essential features (such as the very basic copy/paste) made me lose interest and I chucked the phone. Then the iPhone 5 came out with its gorgeous 4" screen and A6 processor, scoring the fastest Sunspider results on any mobile device, with an impressive battery life to boot.

To me, the iPhone has always been the pinnacle of performance. Put aside the raw MHz and GHz. In terms of actual performance, the iPhone always wins. And in the GPU category, it just dominates. Look at the current iPhone 5S announcement. 2x the performance of the iPhone 5 GPU. And if you want to know what that GPU was capable of...YouTube some videos of "Real Racing 3" on the iPhone 5. Or look at Infinity Blade 3 running on the iPhone 5s. There is no denying it. The most powerful GPU's are in iOS devices. And the best looking version of all mobile games is always on iOS.

We had a community member who was a die hard Android fan and started spouting off about Nvidia Tegra Exclusive features for some Android games. Kudos to Nvidia. It made some decent GPUs that were more powerful than many other Android GPU's (namely...the Adreno by Qualcomm). I recorded a video of my iPad running a game at 2048x1536 with anti-aliasing, and all those special features that he thought only ran on Nvidia devices. Those features were exclusive to Nvidia GPU's on Androids, but not exclusive on all mobile platforms. Because iOS devices in general are far more capable than most android devices. And again, Apple utilizes this extra power not just for gaming, but for every tasks and applications and web browsing. This gives it better battery life as well as better performance.

So then you're probably asking...Hyper...you're raving about the iPhone 5S. Why are you thinking of dropping it? Well, again I have to go back to the same reason I dropped my iPhone (temporarily) in the past. 4" screen just doesn't cut it. The power in the iPhone 5s is wasted on such a small low resolution screen. There's just no real benefit. And 80% or more of my time on my phone is browsing the web and reading, or using Splashtop to remotely connect to my PC. And I need a bigger screen. So what options are out there?

LG Note?
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega? (lol at this name...)
Lumia 1020?

Absolutely not! None of those would do! I want to give you specs on the phone I'm looking to get:

- 6 inch screen
- 1920x1080 resolution
- Quad Core 2.3GHz CPU (snapdragon 800)
- Adreno 330 GPU (fastest GPU out there, with exception of new iPhone 5s. Tegra 4 does win "some" tests against it, but this is the overall winner)
- 20 MegaPixel camera
- Massive battery life:
---> 9 to 10 hours 3g web browsing
---> 12 hours wifi browsing
---> 20-26 hours talk time

And best of all...it's not Android. Remember my earlier statement about the very impressive and responsive Windows Mobile 7 user interface? Well...Windows 8 is even better. But Windows 8 still leaves a lot to be desired. So this device will be Windows 8, with the latest GDR3 update. And will be fully updatable to Windows 8.1 Mobile in early 2014, which will add Internet Explorer Mobile 11. If that is anything like IE11 for the desktop, then it will be a massively fast and impressive browser that currently gets the highest sunspider test results.

The phone...is the Nokia Lumia 1520 (or the Nokia Bandit). The details above are based on unofficial rumours, but these rumours are from reliable sources who have been correct with the information they've provided in the past. It may be more of a Phablet than a Phone, but with a crisp Sharp IGZO 1080P IPS, Quad Core 2.3GHz processor, and a 3400mah battery...this is the best phone I can think of to own. Although I must admit that a large part of my decision making process is based on my investment and faith in a unified Windows 8/8.1 platform, especially now that Microsoft has shown that it is serious about Mobile with the acquisition of Nokia

This is a beautiful phone. So what if people think I'm compensating for something. It's a beautiful piece of technology to compensate with. Now if only I could go 2 years into the future and get my hands on a viable Windows tablet. Nokia is expected to have a public unveiling of the device on September 26th. Sadly there is no release date yet but it has been rumoured to be launching in November, and exclusively on AT&T (at least to start). This is upsetting as I want it now.

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09-13-2013, 08:41 PM
Look at that hefty thing! And I know you've been a big believer in Win 8 and connected devices (Getting the XBone?), I'm sure this will be awesome for you.