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11-20-2013, 04:29 AM
I'm going to keep this short. Last year I purchased Need For Speed: Most Wanted because I loved Burnout: Paradise, and I thought it'd be quite fun with real licensed cars. So I preordered it and was very excited for it. When it came out...the game was plagued with optimization issues. Poor performance with certain settings. And hardcoded 60 frame per second cap. I was pissed off. $60 down the drain. Played it a few hours and dropped it. So I was looking forward to Need For Speed Rivals. I figure it's built on the Frostbite 3 engine and that has no FPS cap. Well. EA always finds a way to fuck you in the ass. This new game, as beautiful as it could be with the Frostbite 3 engine, is also FPS capped. But get this. Now the FPS cap is at 30....

Why on earth is any modern game capped at 30fps? Well...according to them it's because they didn't know how to handle variable framerate because of their online/offline combo system. I call BS and lazy programming on that. This is an easy delete. Though admittedly...it's probably the best looking 30 frames per second I've seen on PC. Having said that...it's still 30fps and the developers deserve to be shot.

Update: Solution found. Check post #11

11-20-2013, 04:48 AM
Thanks to this game being made with Frostbite 3, certain console commands work!! Though there is no console available to type in, you can set a link to the main EXE as such:

"G:\Need for Speed(TM) Rivals-SG\NFS14.exe" -GameTime.MaxSimFps 120

Now what this does is funny because the game sucks, it actually runs the game at 4x real speed. It's essentially like a speedhack. So it renders 120fps. But gametime goes by 4x as quick. POS devs I tell ya. Lol.

11-20-2013, 08:11 AM
"On 13 September 2013, Criterion elected to cut its staff numbers to 17 people total, as 80% (70 people) of the studio moved over to Ghost Games UK to work with Need for Speed games."
Awww.... farewell Burnout.

Btw Burnout Paradise was made by way over 87 people. Guess they had several staff cuts since then.

11-20-2013, 09:25 AM
That is really unfortunate. I don't really have much else to say.

11-20-2013, 10:48 AM
I'm surprised they didn't try to sell it as an ideal title for owners of those Seiki 4k (at 30Hz) displays. EA are shite

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11-23-2013, 04:00 PM
I think Undergrounds 1&2 were the defining NFS games for me.

ProStreet and Shift were also decent, but they were really "NFS" games for marketing, not the actual gameplay imho.

11-24-2013, 02:23 PM
Most wanted and underground series were the best. Been enjoying Hot pursuit with some friends now as it was on steam sale. Didn't really like the handling and racing tracks on nfs shift, maybe I'm just bad?

But the 4x speed is just really shitty, thats how they used to do game speed back in the stone ages, really thought we were past that.

11-24-2013, 11:19 PM
I was a big fan of the original need for speed most wanted. Really fun game. I just don't understand how we are seeing a regression in performance with console ports. I had been hopeful that games designed around 8-core x86 chips would mean even better performance when moved over to the PC and our higher clocked cpus. But the new Assassin's Creed is capped at 60fps, whereas the previous one was not (although due to poor performance it would often drop to the 80-90fps range), and the new Need for Speed is now capped at 30fps, whereas the previous one was capped at 60fps. So 2 examples, from 2 very different large publishers, both with FPS caps/drops.

I still don't understand hard caps on FPS. What's the purpose? In the case of NFS, they've actually tied the game simulation clock to the framerate. This is similar to LA Noire, which had certain aspects tied to the gameclock. If you remember I posted a video showing 120fps unlock in the game, but because of this the vehicle brakes no longer worked and it felt like you were driving on ice. All this poor and lazy design has to go out the door.

I've been talking to Shadman for a while about doing "120Hz Certification" reviews for games. Basically taking games, and seeing how they run on high-end cpu's and gpu's, and rating it based on graphics performance. Taking into account arbitrary caps, and whether they're removable or not, and also poor CPU optimization which leads to sub-120fps. I'm really thinking that there's a need for this. And I can even try hosting 60fps copies of the review videos on our own server here alongside the 30fps version on YouTube.

11-25-2013, 06:10 PM
And console ports continue to screw us. I am disappoint. I was hoping we would have a year or two of decent ports.

11-25-2013, 07:36 PM
Well they just came out. Not an excuse, but let's see what happens in the near future..

11-28-2013, 01:20 AM
Great news!

Someone found the parameters to change how the Frostbite 3 handles gametime simulation. That means...you can now run NFS Rivals at any FPS you want. As long as your PC can hold up. Unfortunately there are a couple issues that remain:

1) Lack of SLI support. Card runs off of just a single card.
2) CPU optimization. While not terrible, there are spots where CPU usage isn't maxed out, GPU usage isn't maxed out, yet FPS drops a fair bit.

To get it to work, you have to set it to run at the minimum framerate your PC can handle. That is, a framerate that you will never go below. For my setup, I had to set it to 90fps, because while it was able to run 120fps most the time, there were certain spots where it would go lower. And when it goes below that minimum FPS that you've set, the game simulation slows down. So you essentially play in bullet-time. Which actually makes the game super easy if you do it on purpose. Makes for some fun driving, for sure.

Anyhow, the way you do it is to create a shortcut to your NFS exe, and modify the Target field as such:

"G:\Need for Speed Rivals\NFS14.exe" -GameTime.MaxSimFps 90 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 90+

And adjust the "90" to whatever you want. For example, 60 fps. The game as I had mentioned before ran incredibly smoothly for a 30fps game. So even playing at 60fps will be a big step up from last years NFS Most Wanted. Enjoy.

11-29-2013, 01:04 AM
Nice, maybe there is still hope in the tunnel.
Would the minimum FPS be proportional to the hardware performance? I.e. a 30% faster Broadwell and a GTX 800.

11-29-2013, 02:04 AM
Nice, maybe there is still hope in the tunnel.
Would the minimum FPS be proportional to the hardware performance? I.e. a 30% faster Broadwell and a GTX 800.

Yup. Processing power can always make up for poor coding. If only I had a 60Hz HDMI 2.0 4K monitor with Gsync. Then I wouldn't have to worry about games and poor CPU optimization anymore. :P You can tell if you're CPU or GPU capped if you run something like MSI Afterburner/RivaTuner. If your GPU is maxed out, you know more GPU power or lowering settings will help. If you're at 60% GPU usage and are getting low FPS, you can try disabling CPU-Bound features like shadows. If still getting poor performance, it's just a poorly coded engine.