View Full Version : How to upload a 60FPS video on youtube? - Problem with 30FPS x2 speed ...

02-15-2014, 05:01 AM
Hi ! at first, sorry about bad Eng ! :D

I have some gameplay that want to share on youtube. but everybody knows that, youtube doesn't support 60fps videos. those vid will be auto convert to 30fps, and of course they look terrible...

I found this thread : http://120hz.net/showthread.php?1573-How-to-make-60FPS-YouTube-videos!/page8

i've watch the tutorial, and i'm very confuse about this "option" :
"change so Video and Audio durations match".

virtualdub is only be used for .avi files.
but my nvidia shadow play only have .mp4 output files. so i can't use virtualdub.
but sadly i can't find any soft that have the option "change so Video and Audio durations match" !!!

so i've try to reduce the speed of video to 0.5x times. now, the video and the sound have the same length. i exported it with 30FPS configuration. but when i upload it on youtube, and x2 speed, FRAPs say it's 60FPS (of course. 30FPS x2 = 60FP2S ...), but the vid isn't smooth ! the same with 30fps ...

any solutions? :(