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03-25-2014, 01:20 PM
Greetings All,

...tried to post this once and it got lost in the sauce, so here goes again. I apologize if it actually shows up, but I don't think that's gonna happen. Let's try this again.

I have been building PCs for some time now (decade plus), but this is my first foray into 120hz gaming.

And as per forum protocols I have tried to search as much as possible for this issue with little to no success.

What I have:
AMD 8320 Vishera at 3.8
started with a MSI 7950 (3gb), have since picked up an R9 280x (3gb)
16 gb ballistix tracer
OCZ 240 ssd running Win8.1

My connections:
two monitors connected via miniDP, one monitor connected via DVI-D(cable came with monitor).

What I CAN do:
All three will register the full range of refresh rates up to 144hz. I usually set to 120.
My eyefinity array will register 120hz.
BF4 will play across the array, but not at 120. but it's still nice.

What I am experiencing:
Let me preface this problem with "it doesn't matter if I am in eyefinity or not".
If I have to soft reboot my machine for ANY reason, be it a crash or whatever, soft reboot makes this happen -->the DVI connection reverts and ONLY shows 60hz refresh as an option. The miniDP connections still read 120 including the full range up to 144.
If I make an array, it will only do 60hz. (I am assuming the array does the lowest common refresh "available".

What I have to do:
I have to unplug both miniDPs and reboot.
The DVI now shows the full range of refresh again, not just 60. Plug both miniDPs in and all is 120 again.
The DVI will maintain 120hz as long as I don't have to reboot.
edit: I should also mention that rebooting with just the DVI cable plugged in results in the full range of refresh available. So that is DVI only and CCC showing 120, I can reboot with just the DVI and it will still show 120.
I should also mention that when the "fault" happens and I decide to just game on one monitor(miniDP is my main) I can game at 120 on that monitor while the DVI monitor sits at 60hz and my other miniDP sits at 120.

This has now happened across two different cards. first with the 7950, and now again with the R9 280x.

So in my searches before deciding to post I found in the thread for ToastyX's overclock utility someone posted a very similar experience, but no one at the time had any input. That was TWO years ago!

So what do you guys think?

Could it be the mainboard? Does the PCI slot care what refresh the card is pushing?

I don't think its the cable, as I can get the DVI connection to show at 120. Cable would be the easiest fix at this point though, just to try something.

I have seen some info on a display port hub. Does anyone have any experience running an eyefinity array with the hub? so that the connections would be two DP monitors connected to the DPhub then connected to one Display Port on the card and the other mon just connected to the other DP on the card thereby eliminating the DVI. Can the hub carry both 120hz signals?

The other disturbing factor is none of the new batch of cards comes with more then 2 DP connections, and MOST only come with one. SO you HAVE to use the DVI connections if you want eyefinity. What happened to all the display port only cards? If DP is the sh!t, then why do the cards seem to be taking a step backwards??

Thanks for reading and Thanks for any assistance!

07-01-2014, 10:46 AM
So, no one has come across this issue? This is disturbing... Was really hoping someone had an answer for this issue.

Picked up the new Grid over the weekend and LOVE IT! Got to play it in eyefinity at 120hz for a short time and it was absolutely gorgeous!... until it crashed, thereby leading to the DVI port resetting back to 60hz. bummer really, because you can truly tell the difference with the 120. I am beyond irritated disconnecting the mini display ports, rebooting, DVI sets to 120, plug miniDP's in... meh...

07-02-2014, 04:51 PM
Does your R9 280X have two DVI connectors? If so,you may want to try the other one, just a thought.
Bar that I wouldn't be much help sorry, I run Nvidia cards and single monitor.

07-18-2014, 06:49 AM
So, no, these cards do not have dual dvi's.

I have had some limited success with the latest evga display port hub, but it is far from perfect. Basically running two monitors off of the hub connected to one DP, and one mon connected to the second DP and eliminating the dvi altogether.

I am able to get eyefinity to run at 120, but the resolution in the new Grid is not correct. It is very "zoomed in" unless I play in windowed mode at which point the dials and map are on the outside monitors instead of in the center. BF4 works though.

For anyone considering the latest DP hub from evga just know it's NOT 100%. I have experienced screens not coming on at boot up, where I would have to push the "reset button" on the hub. This sometimes has resulted in rebooting my PC... I am on my second hub due to this issue.

...can I please just get a card that has three Display Ports... oh wait, there aren't any...

08-01-2014, 09:57 PM
Are you relying on innate 120Hz/144Hz 'settings'?
Have you tried adding custom timings with CRU?
Driver patched?

Alternatively, there are quite a few 3+ DP cards:

02-17-2015, 04:49 AM
It would seem like a bad decision as both the Titan Black and the GTX 790 would have to compete with the upcoming GTX 880.
If the 790 is indeed more expensive than the Titan Black, that'd be hilarious as well.

02-17-2015, 03:43 PM
mind blown

02-22-2015, 01:10 AM
Yeah, when is the desktop GTX 880 coming out, Screw 980 i want even digits