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04-07-2014, 01:40 AM
I have a GTX 780 OC XLR8 by PNY, with PNY's custom cooling "Triple Fan" Solution, Still sealed in the box, brand new straight from PNY Technologies in NJ.

Reason why I got this card is, things with low popularity intrigue me, usually due to it is a horrible product, or the product doesn't get the credit it deserves due to lack of Sponsership of Youtubers, and gaming events, etc, but the newish GTX 770 OC 4GB by PNY has got a lot of attention as a great 770. So I had the opportunity to purchase a GTX 780, I noticed PNY's website looks like a ghost town, including the XLR8 site as well. But an article by Hardware Canucks a couple weeks ago made me satisfied with this purchase. Out of all the 780's, it has the highest clocks (on paper atleast) than any other special Edition 780. Even the HOF 780's by Galaxy, which are hand picked to be branded with HOF (Hall of Fame), due to High AISC quality etc, but I come to discover, PNY's 780's that have custom cooling and labeled XLr8 with OC, are done the same, if not, they toss em in the soon to be Reference OC card pile which is the only other GTX 780 version they make, which since it is reference has the stock cooling solution and slightly faster clocks.
ANYWAY, what I am getting at is
The Base clock of 1006 mhz VS EVGA 780 Classified-FTW w/ ACX Cooler @ 980mhz
Boost Clock of 1059 mhz->PNY VS EVGA Classified @ 1033mhz
and Memory clock of 6208 mhz (effectively) for PNY VS EVGA Classified @ 6008 mhz
So yes The PNY GTX 780 XLR8 OC non-reference is the fastest 780 (on paper i know of).
And it did very well pushed further and further. But I know paper isn't fact in Tech testing and benchmarking due to manufacturer exaggeration and etc, but this card is a underestimated beast.

So my problem is this card is lengthy as all hell, 11.5" (292.1mm), my current case has clearance of 294mm leaving me a massive 1.9mm of space to work with... :-/ and I am limited on cash at this point, and if I wanted to custom WC even my CPU working around it and doing maintenance on it in general really probably would grind my gears.

Brand New in the Box, Still Sealed up, came straight from PNY Technologies in NJ, I have paperwork to show it, also a LIFETIME WARRANTY once registered.

Hit me up, email is ajdaboss91@gmail.com