View Full Version : WTS Yamasaki Catleap Q270 2b - Overclock Edition

05-16-2014, 02:43 PM
ok guys i have been sitting on this for a long time and i figured this would be the best place to sell it. BARELY used Yamasaki Catleap Q270 "2b - Overclock Edition
This in GREAT condition and i havent even OC'd it... so im not sure how far it will OC to. I bought new from this site. I hooked it up and then before i even had time to mess with it my wife (to my surprise) had already bought me the dell 30 incher for my bday :D..... so its been in storage since. lol. I did not see any dead pixels for the few weeks i used it....so this monitor is mint. post or pm me your offers. i will only ship here in the US (you pay for shipping) you get the monitor and power adpater.

oh if you want pics let me know.. but i think we all know what they look like lol

thanks !!