View Full Version : I gots a second 670 to deal with 1440p.

08-04-2012, 08:07 AM
Didn't feel good hitting that button, but I had been thinking about it for awhile anyways.

1440p made me push that button. :P

Cause well, most reviews showed the games I play halve in FPS going from 1200p to 1600p, so I imagine they'd only be a little more @ 1440p.

I didn't have to, but that sweet 60FPS is hard to ignore.

And well, if I can get even say like 90FPS in some games, be good for those 120HZ PCB's.

FFXIV is also a real GPU hog. Though that is due to poor optimization. I went from a GTX470 to GTX670 and it's still 99% GPU usage and performance didn't increase. 2.0 should fix that, hopefully.

STill, and with the bios flashing I did, I got this card running @ 1323mhz @ 54-55c(99% usage), which is awesome. The thing is as fast as an OC'ed 680 and for 100$+ less. Love it.

08-04-2012, 08:49 AM
Good to here
I hear the EVGA GTX 670 is the best card for the money what people say on the EVGA forums.
But remember you can only hit 100HZ with SLI with A 120HZ Yamakasi monitor and the AMD cards can hit 120HZ tho.