View Full Version : EK GTX580 water blocks

08-22-2012, 10:05 PM
OK I ended up getting another GTX580 3gb to match my existing card, now ...
the question I have is my existing 580 has an EK GTX580 Nickle plated water block
and I have found another cheap EK water block for sale but it is Copper, NOT Nickle plated
like my existing block. I am not sure but it is not wise to mix Nickle and pure Copper blocks,
am I correct? I don't want any corrosion in my loop.

08-23-2012, 01:42 AM
I think you'll be fine Sneaky: http://corrosion-doctors.org/Definitions/galvanic-series.htm

08-23-2012, 02:44 AM
Thanks Bud, found a block identical to my Nickle plated block on eBay, it is in the US but only $20 more +the extra postage, may just go with that to keep it all matching. ;)

*EDIT: EXCELLENT, just found a supplier in Australia that has the EK FC-580 GTX Nickel + Acetal Blocks AND the Back-plates,
I have been looking for the Back-plates for ages but haven't been able to find anyone still selling them.
Sorry no smiley that shows me dancing a jig lol :p