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10-11-2012, 07:54 PM
Someone who is not myself sent me this list of games they said I should play. What games from the last couple of years would you say are must-play experiences? Whether in terms of story, or simply stunning graphics and high production value?

srtt in that list is Saint's Row The Third.
I already have BF3, MW3, and Dirt, as well as Deus Ex, and Max Payne 3, and Mass Effect 3.

Not counting MMO's as they're not a "Gaming Experience" but rather, a "Lifestyle." So they don't count. What do you guys think? What awesome games am I missing out on here?


10-11-2012, 09:09 PM
I could write a comprehensive review for each game that would be rather impressive to read. I won't unless someone want's that. Otherwise it's work overload for nothing.

Instead, i'll tell you the games that have made me the most happy.

I know you don't love the look of the witcher 2, I do. I also think it's a fantastic once in a generation kind of game. Epic story, incredible world, fantastic characters and writing. It all forges a masterwork.

La noir is something to play if you want something radically different from the standard game. It's an accessable open world adventure game, it makes you feel like a real world detective. And it's nothing like grand theft auto or anything else you might care to mention. If you care about unique games that rely more on brains and details than explosions and terrorists. Check this out. It's a breath of fresh air. Bad news is that it runs at 30fps. However it can be uncapped by following youtube guides.

Alice is a flawed platformer with some really fancy artwork, I enjoyed it because I like art. Most people would be frustrated with controls and camera. I would recommend this to myself. Not to most other people however. It's very lengthy as well. Which is unusual for platformers.

Homefront is boring, it's like a poor mans call of duty. A few passable setpieces does not make a game great. And this game has no personality or originality. Besides the core idea, which is never explored enough. Extremely short game as well.

I think crysis 2 is great first person shooter, with tight controls, open enough areas to give you options, and brilliant colour grading and post processing. It feels great to play. The ending is anti-climactic however.

Dead space 2 is a outstanding horror game. One of the best, far better than things like resident evil 5/6.Smooth as silk as well.

Fear 3 is far inferior to previous fear games, and even they where always just the promise of a story without every delivering one. Generic, repetitive, and lacking horror or personality,. Stay away from this one.


As for what I am playing now. Borderlands 2, Dishonoured, Xcom, And torchlight 2. All are fantastic 9/10 or 10/10 games. Borderlands 2 refines the hell out of the first game, the writing is better, the features make more sense, the loot is better, the co-op is sensational. And it's not all a boring desert. One of the funniest games ever made. Xcom, is addictive as hell. I am not a strategy gamer, I disliked starcraft 2, warhammer, you name it. However something about firaxis games pulls me right in. Xcom is the best game they have ever put out. It's incredible. And finally, the best game of the bunch. Dishonoured. A true masterpiece. This game is my personal favourite of 2012. An actual original lived in world, liberating mechanics that give you true options, this game is better than bioshock was when it was first released and compares well to some of the best first person thinkers ever made, such as deus ex and system shock.

As for torchlight 2, what I played of it so far is great. Steam workshop support also improves the lifespan from lengthy, to indefinite. A way better game than torchlight 1, even if you don't think about multiplayer. Probably the best 20 dollar package there is in terms of content.

Is it better than diablo 3? Yes and no. It's a different ballgame in a different ballmark. Diablo 3 is almost like running a business - and there is a certain gratification from grinding over and over and then auction housing. Torchlight 2 is more about letting the strict rules side in favor of fun. It's randomly generated in a more random way, so the overworld and dungeons never feel the same.

It's not super refined like diablo is, and cheating is possible. Yet if you have a few friends that you know don't cheat. What does it matter?

I am not normally this positive. It's just all of these recent games are actually great.

What I would not recommend is dark souls. And it's nothing to do with the port. The game sucks the joy out of my life. - However I won't continue because that's subjective. Someone else could totally love it.

Also, i could rave on about skyrim and how I love it. But I won't. I'll say this much, it's been a year since the game was released and I am STILL finding awesome things in the game (partly thanks to 200 mods). Do I recommend it? Hell yes. However some people flatout don't see what I see in the game. And that's fine.

10-11-2012, 09:57 PM
You've played the Half-Life series, correct? Especially with Black Mesa just released, so you have way better graphics for HL1, worth playing.

Mafia II was also one of my favorite games to play, gameplay and graphics-wise. Story did seem cut short, but still worth it.

10-11-2012, 11:37 PM
Metro 2033 is a gem. A lot of people loved the witcher 2.

Killing floor is great if you have someone to play with as its multiplayer only and also pve only. Borderlands 2 is awesome, CS GO is awesome, DayZ...is fucking amazing, glitchy as all fuck but amazing and the standalone alpha is coming in november. If you like strategy games, one of my friends swears by Total War: Shogun 2.

But enough BS, must play:

Metro 2033
TES V Skyrim (just to see how shitty console ports really are and how a community can do a better job with a game than a huge dev can)
DayZ (because it is PC gaming, a good game ARMA 2 facilitating an amazing MOD that is going to be its own game. epic)
ME1 (the best out of the 3 IMO)