View Full Version : FS/FT 2 EVGA GTX 570's 1.2GB, 1 Gigabyte GTX 580 1.5GB, 2 EVGA GTX 460 768MB

10-19-2012, 02:23 PM
Prices are flexible on these. None have original boxes because I stupidly trashed all the boxes. (actually the GTX 580 has the original box)
The 2 EVGA GTX 570's I used to use in SLI for ~ 1 year. They work great and I have generic plastic videocard boxes for these. $300.00 for the pair or $160 each.
The 2 EVGA GTX 460's were my SLI setup from the previous year and worked great as well but have been sitting on them for over a year now since I had no need for them after getting the 570's. $200 for the pair or $120 each.
The Gigabyte GTX 580 was from my second PC which was for pro racing games, upgraded that along with my current system to GTX 590 and 690 cards. $300.
I also will be selling or trading my 120Hz 27" Acer LED LCD if I can get one of the 120Hz Catleaps, although I would trade some of this stuff plus this monitor for someone else's 2B if anyone's willing. FYI I'm in NJ so local pick-ups are welcome. Make me an offer via PM if your interested.
PS. I know I'm new here but I just learned about the Catleaps and this site ! This stuff was originally going to craigslist, but I figured here would be better.