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    • Crysis 3 - 30% FPS Boost + FPS Cap Removal!

      Hey folks,

      HyperMatrix here. This is one of the reasons I want more use out of 120Hz.Net. We need a place for game reviews and optimizations for the 120Hz minded gamer! Not like the other review sites that will do a review in 720p and be happy with anything over 30fps. And that's why I'm thankful for Whitespider and his list of games with performance/fps issues and possible fixes.

      I decided to make an article out of this as I find this to be quite a big one...and likely quite beneficial to many people considering how popular Crysis 3 is. This helps with those of us who are CPU capped. So if your GPU is sitting at less than 100% and you have low framerate, this will let your GPU do more work and subsequently give you more fps.

      This does NOT involve overclocking. However, it DOES involve Over-Working. Running on my i7 3770k at 4.949Ghz (I know...ever so slightly short of 5Ghz), and current Triple-SLI GTX 680 system, in a particular scene my CPU usage was at 85% and my GPU usage was at 45%-50%, while getting 69-72 FPS. After this fix, GPU usage jumped to 65% and FPS jumped to 88-92FPS. That's a 28% increase. Anyway, click below and watch the video for details:


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