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Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta

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Hi, my name is Scribby and I am a recovering Warcrack addict. I last took a hit on May 21, 2010 and have been MMORPG clean ever since.

I remember my first taste of Warcrack. It was a beautiful Spring day in Seattle, Washington. I was visiting an old friend in my home town. We were all sitting on his back deck listening to the sounds coming off of the lake finishing another bottle of wine when he asked if I wanted to check something out. As we left our wives to chatter on about this or that I had no idea how my life would change over the next five years.

He started telling me about this new MMORPG World of Warcraft and how he felt it was the one of the greatest gaming experiences of his life. Having been a longtime gamer, I LOVED my Commodore 64, I was intrigued. He told me he just started on a particular PvP server, one that had just been opened, and was leveling a gnome warrior. I watched in awe for almost two hours as he traveled along, killing, questing, chatting, and just generally exploring Kalimdor. I was hooked.

Once I returned to California I immediately purchased the game, started up a toon, and my first hit of Warcrack sucked me in. Over the next five years I spent countless hours leveling, questing, chatting - you name it - if it was Warcrack, I was there. 24 hour raid sessions? Check. Paying for my own Vent server? Check. Waiting in midnight release lines for expansions? Check. Arguments with the wife over my addiction? Double check.

I was hooked and I truly believed that I would be a Warcrack addict for the rest of my life (or at least until I could not longer point and click.) However, in the summer of 2009 something seemed to change. The experience wasn't so immersive. The towns seemed to lose their luster. The fact I had seven level 80 toons didn't seem to matter any more. I was becoming . . . bored. And fast. Soon, I would notice how dusty and out of shape my toons had become the few times I would log on. My svelt female priest gained 60 pounds and could barely raise her staff to chain heal now. It had become all so sad.

I officially cancelled my Warcrack addiction on May 21, 2010 and haven't taken another hit since. Even through all the new content, emails about free weekends, weeks, or even discounted play time. I am forever over my Warcrack addiction. And I feel clean.

I am writing about my experience at 8:00 am after having spent the last week on the road traveling for work. I flew back into California yesterday morning and after a glorious day in the sun with my family got some time to go through all my email and saw my Guild Wars 2 closed beta event weekend email. I had completely forgot about it. After everyone was all snug in bed (well my wife at least - my son was playing COD with his buddies till 2 am) I fired up GW2.

After the last 8 hours of play time I must now report I am an official GW2Toker. I will remember my first hit of GW2 and look forward to many more hits. Eight uninterrupted hours of play time, after seven days on the road, convinces me of one thing - I will love all the future hits of GW2 and cannot wait for more.

However, I do know this won't be like my first addition to Warcrack. Something in me has changed. Or maybe it's simply that MMORPGs have a kind of "been there, done that" feel for me. I know I will be a longtime GW2Toker and will gladly spend my money, but I don't get the sense it will consume my life for large periods of time. I will say the game is simply stunning in its look, feel, story line, and overall game play. I like it. I actually love it and that comes from a player with no real GW experience. I have no idea of the back story, no idea how to properly train or level, no idea about any of the mechanics of this game, but I love it.

Hi. My name is Scribby and I officially fell off the MMORPG wagon on April 29, 2012. And it felt great.


  1. bQvle's Avatar
    Awwww, thats to bad! (for your wife!)

    Luckily warcrack was never my cup of tea.
    All my friends played, and I was the only one who got my education and a job. They are still sucking in/on society!
    Warcrack is not good for you!

    Oh, and well written
  2. Dougiet's Avatar
    Warcrack can wreck a person if not handled properly... The "game" pretty much consumed me..all free time was devoted it.. So much can be written on how I let it change me for the worse but I wont go there its been written a thousand times by many people lol. I only know that I will never let anything that consists of moving pixels take control of me again. With that said I have to finish a 3d model of a game character at least this form of pixel lust pays the rent .

    Hi My name is Dougiet and I play games.....they dont play me. (anymore)
  3. Munchkinpuncher's Avatar
    Haha ! Nice Scribby. My GW2 beta Dload finished in the middle of the night...and I happened to wake up also like it was fate...then I played untill 7:00am when my wife got up for work. I jumped on the couch and pretended to sleep. Once she was gone I fired it back up untill she got off work. By that time I had completed the single player storyline of the beta and was just exploring.
    Cant wait untill release. Although Tera is keeping my addiction in check for now.