What is your general opinion of Microsoft?
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  • Great company. Hope they can regain their crown.

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  • Alright company, but I'm just as excited about other companies offerings.

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  • Stale company. They've failed to be innovative and I think other companies will take its place.

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    What is your general opinion of Microsoft?

    So I'm really curious. Over the years I've noticed my own views on Microsoft change from them being the undisputed leader who had a monopoly and took advantage of their position in the market, to what they are now which is, in my opinion, a more humble company. They realize they're no longer the only option, and have taken some solid steps to putting out good products. I look at them as more of an underdog than anything and have a very favourable view. I don't own a Win8 tablet, nor do I use the Metro UI for my Windows 8 install on my desktop (Start8 is a must if you have Win8).

    The reason I'm even asking this is that I feel that Google today, is what Microsoft was 15-20 years ago. I'm truly hoping that Microsoft is successful with their Windows 8 phones and Tablets and integration with the upcoming Xbox, while I absolutely despise Android and everything it tries to be. I hate Apple computers, as I think they're pointless for me, but I've recently come to understand that for a lot of the general public which are less technologically inclined than you or I, I'd actually recommend Apple products because there would be less need of my assistance in resolving any problems they may have with their computers. It's as I've always said about Apple products...the less something does, the less that can go wrong.

    So...what about you? How do you feel about Microsoft as a Software and Hardware company today?

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    I love windows when compared to mac/osx/etc. I am indifferent about microsoft as a company.

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    If Microsoft put the Windows 7 interface on a tablet I'd finally get one. I mean come on, 24-bit colors are not going to suck the batteries dry.
    Can't really adapt to the tablets and smartphones' OS.Tried Android and can't get over the lack of space between icons(i want to click between them), obligatory single click to activate, the scroll bar being just an indicator and being unable to move it, being hard to switch between apps, lack of tabs in the browser etc.
    On the software side unlike most people, I liked most versions of Windows except 98 which was too heavy and muddy in comparison with 95 especially when playing games, and of course 8 for breaking the formula that works.
    Also really like .Net and C# in particular. Used to be a hardcore C++ programmer, but C# just makes things faster and easier to do with little to no performance overhead.
    Some good games have come out of their studios too.
    On the hardware side, I thought Zune was OK but it seems it didn't catch up. Maybe the same thing happened to Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 RT, they were too late for the party.

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    I don't think Win8 RT is the problem, actually. I think the big issue is that many people who *want* Windows on the go as opposed to android/iOS want it so they can run their apps. And are waiting to see Win8 Slate Pro or whatever the Intel version is called. There are, however, 2 GINORMOUS problems with Windows Slate Pro:

    - No Haswell. Why oh Why!! I would have delayed the launch....2x GPU, more than 2x Energy Efficiency...are no brainers.
    - Price! You can't sell the darn thing for $899. That's a tough sell to the non-apple crowd. If they put out something with the performance of the 3610qm which gives me 100ms~ results in Sunspider tests, as opposed to 800ms~ on my iPad 4, along with at least a *REAL* 6 hours of usage time which should be more than doable if you put an iPad equivalent battery in there, I'd be all over that.

    Things that ARE going to help:

    - Windows App Store. As more apps are available, the more attractive the Windows Tablet option becomes
    - Intel! Thank God for their Ultrabook specifications. All new ultrabooks MUST have Touch Screen capability, which helps with more apps for Win8 Tablets
    - Intel's TabTop from CES. The full 14" LCD that plugs in to a keyboard, and when detached from the keyboard, it creates a black deadzone around the 14" LCD bringing it down to 11". It seems really interesting
    - Panasonic's rather Odd 20" LapLet. Yes, I'm inventing new words. It's not portable. It's 20 gosh darn inches. But it has 4k resolution. And looks amazing. I think one benefit of Windows 8, is that it's really pushing touch interface as soon more people are likely to have tablets than standard desktops. Especially if that tablet gives them 100% of the functionality of their desktop.

    But yes I'm very very much excited for some more benchmark stats from Haswell. Want to know if the little bits of info are accurate, or if it's all just smoke and mirrors from Intel. Their performance and power efficiency will decide whether a Windows 8 tablet can survive.

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    I am indifferent. I dislike their OS's, they are bloated and inefficient and I abhor Xbox 360. They don't seem to be innovating as much as they used to, which is a shame. I think they kinda passed the torch already, but you never know.

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    I'm a big fan of Microsoft and have been since the early DOS days. I've been a fan of every OS they've put out except WinME and WinXP64 (this was a nightmare to provide support for) and recently even Win8 has grown on me. I absolutely loved how fast Win7 was so the fact that Win8 is even faster is a really good thing for me. I think part of the problem with Win8 is that people in general hate change and they changed quite a lot this time around. It takes a little getting used to and people, even in IT, don't like being forced to getting used to something new.

    I've been using and supporting Apple OSes and products for many years now and though I like many of their products, I hate them as a company and pretty much always have. I hate the cult-like zealotry that has taken over current society when it comes to Apple, especially when I hear them talk and they have no idea WTF they are talking about. I wish people would do more research on these topics and figure out what they really want/need before trying to tell others what's best, but I guess if everyone took the time to figure out what they needed I wouldn't be where I am now.

    I've been a linux user since somewhere around '97-98 and love it for some things... like providing services. I love it for this use and will continue to use it this way. My problem with linux is the endless list of distros and the lack of enough symmetry between them which can make a fluent user in one distro limp around in the next. There is no way to win over the masses in its current state. Ubuntu was making good progress toward a mass appealing distro until version 11.10 IMO. It's been downhill since then.

    If I were forced to choose only one of the three I've mentioned it would definitely be Windows followed by Linux and then Mac. I do make Apple recommendations to users for the same reason you mentioned Hyper... support. For the technically competent I never make that suggestion, but if you aren't a techie and don't have one on hand then I'll quickly suggest an iPad or iPhone to you. Also the gaming scene would be pretty crappy were it not for Microsoft Windows. Anyone else here remember having to configure RAVE to game on the Mac?

    When it comes to Android I'm a fan also. I don't know, maybe I'm just easy to please but I like the direction it's been going and I hope it continues to provide a viable alternative to iOS devices on the market now.
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    Re: What is your general opinion of Microsoft?

    I like Windows more than I used to (Win7 64 being, in my view, the best one to date) but still think it could be so much better: more stable, more efficient and providing more accessible back ends into the advanced settings for folks like us.

    I am not convinced that Microsoft earned its current dominant position through sheer merit. I genuinely believe that Apple was providing a superior OS and other software (for the average user) back in the early days of Windows and the original Macintoshes. I just think Apple got to the party too late, when Microsoft and (at the time) IBM started bundling their products together and sowing the seeds of Windows'commercial success.

    As a hardware company I find Microsoft totally UN-inspiring and for phones prefer Android (sorry Hyper).
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    I love apple. Apple innovates, apple has created things that have vastly improved all our lives, even if you don't use their products. Google is what MS could only hope to be, a company that did a good job copying apple. MS is cheap, companies can buy cheap computers running windows to do their business. People in turn use windows at home as its familiar to them. As iOS becomes more popular more and more people will make the move to mac computers. The only segment completely unavailable to apple ATM is the PC gaming community. Everyone else could do anything on a mac they normally do on a PC. If your not gaming, you can completely remove MS from your life and that would be appealing to a lot of people. I love my macbook pro, I have a PC for gaming alone, nothing else.

    I hate MS, the zune was hilarious, I hope the surface goes the way of the zune. But I hate tablets in general (yea this is ironic as apple made them a thing and I love apple haha), Im forced to use an ipad at work, Id much rather have a netbook. MS is only a necessary evil for me because I game on PC. If I didn't need MS, I sure as hell would not choose to use anything they make.
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    I voted option 3 because IMO they are fools to do what they did with windows 8 and fail with their tablets, I think they should concentrate on what they are good at and their PC operating system instead of spending time on that.
    But either way Microsoft will always be alright (thankfully, because I like their operating system) because they have buckets of money and unlike other companies can afford to make mistakes.

    Another thing I hate is BING!!!! Lol, every time I go to use my any one of my family or friends PC its using crappy bing when I search for something, they shove it in your face and try and trick you into downloading it through windows update aswell, annoying.

    They need to stop trying to compete and waste time with other companies in the mobile/tablet market and make a windows operating system that DOESN'T HAVE BSOD'S lol, no acceptable for such an old problem to still be common.. Apple's operating system is much more stable.
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    If any of you feel like reading a slightly over-aggressive rant that nonetheless raises several good points about Microsoft's current situation, this might be of interest: http://semiaccurate.com/2012/11/14/m.../#.UPVVpvKvDH8
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