Catleap Q270.. Powersupply dies after roughly 2 months use. What to do?
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    Catleap Q270.. Powersupply dies after roughly 2 months use. What to do?

    Where/how can I get replacement PSUs?

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    Two months should be covered under warranty, I'd talk to who ever sold it to you.
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    just for future reference. say the warranty is up? does anyone know where to get another adapter
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    You can get ones that will do the job on eBay


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    lcd36g1.jpgThis is the power brick you can use here is the link--you can use almost any power brick as long as it has this hook up and 5A and up.
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    I got my Catleaps from this site, which is why I posted this here.

    Thanks for the input. While I'm sure there's still warranty time, I kinda doubt it'll be cheaper to send the one I have now back to korea for a replacement, then just buying a new one.

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    In that case PM HyperMatrix. He can put you in touch with the right people at Green Sum (or possibly handle it for you himself)
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    Check out this thread too:

    The model number I used as a replacement was EFL-2202W . I found it on ebay and it has been functioning for several weeks now.


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