Modified AMD/ATI driver to allow higher refresh rates
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    Modified AMD/ATI driver to allow higher refresh rates

    Use AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher to patch the driver, then use Custom Resolution Utility to add higher refresh rates.
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    I'm going to do a backflip cartwheel if this works... and I can't do either.

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    Very nice!

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    You could use compress.exe (from microsoft) to turn the .sys into a .sy_ file and replace the atikmdag.sy_ in the driver installation folder (the one that defaults to c/amd/support/...) when installing.

    I just did this method and will try installing when home.

    edit: this doesnt work, drivers fail to install.

    toasty's method works just fine though
    You can skip the hassle of setting overrides if you flash the edid to a 120hz one.
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    Careful, the .sys files might bring the wrath of AMD's copyright monkeys on you... Try using xdelta to make the patch files for the .sys; then it should be all OK

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    I have a GTX580 in my main rig but I gotta say ... fantastic work on this ToastyX!
    Now where is that 'bow down' smiley

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    I would just like to add that if you're trying to do video playback with media player classic (I was using homecinema) and you're getting a green screen, you don't need to switch your renderer to alleviate the problem. You simply need to go to the "Internal Filters" section of the options for MPC and uncheck DXVA. You can then leave the renderer on EVR or whatever it was set to before.

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    you mean there is hope for me when i get a 7950 to do over 100hz?? you are a God if this works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammysamsam View Post
    you mean there is hope for me when i get a 7950 to do over 100hz?? you are a God if this works.
    More than a hope; we have yet to see a report of a radeon 7-series where this didn't work, although the sample size is still quite small. I've run mine as high as 120Hz on my 7970 with no problems except for the green-screen issues already detailed.

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    I'll try this tonight!

    Can you also post your CRU stats for 110 or 120Hz please =)


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