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View Poll Results: How do you feel about your overall monitor purchase from 120hz.Net?

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  • I am satisfied with 120hz.Net and my Monitor

    148 94.87%
  • I am satisfied with 120hz.Net, but unhappy about my monitor purchase

    4 2.56%
  • I am dissatisfied with 120hz.Net, but am happy with my Monitor

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  • I am dissatisfied with 120hz.Net, and unhappy about my monitor purchase

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    Well FYI new psu unit stabilized computer and now i am running a stable 120hz on my gtx 580. Great stuff.....now for ordering a Titam tomorrow .$ $

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    A+ all the way! Thanks to Hyper, Toasty & everyone else who helped me decide to go the 2b way - what a beauty!

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    I'ld like to say hi to all.
    Was shown the site by a friend and took the plunge.
    So happy i did, MY EYES still can't believe it.
    The community rocks as well, thanks very much to HyperMatrix for the help.
    The stickys are great.
    Now to start OCing that beast

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    Welcome, and good luck! :thumbup:
    What's cookin, good lookin?

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    Not that it matters, but I'd vote satisfied on both monitor and site, but I keep gettinga 400 error... Thought I had found a stuck pixel last month, but playing a five minute video knocked it off of 'green'... LuRvE my Yamakasi Catleap!

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    Hey guys, I just received my catleap q270se Extreme OC edition perfect pixel from GreenSum and it's in perfect shape. With the only exception that I've got a little bit of light bleeding through at 4 different spots...

    - Anybody know a FIX for that?

    - Also, I managed a 103hz OC on the monitor, anything beyond that and I get artifacts...
    Is it safe for a daily OC??? (I don't wanna kill my monitor too soon) My main usage is Web Browsing and Gaming.

    - Just to make sure I don't forget anything, because OC'ing a monitor is quite a new thing for me: Up to now, I've installed the catleap driver and setup my custom resolution along with my new refresh rate and timings... after that, what should I do? Should I run tests?

    - I saw that there are color profiles out there, but most of them links are dead, you guys got any? Is it worth it to use something like x-rite ColorMonki Smile to "calibrate" the monitor or can I just use a color profile or use my own eyes?

    - What determines HOW FAR I can overclock the monitor? I got an MSI gaming GTX 970 4gb card, do you think I should be able to attain 120hz+? because at the moment, I'm stuck @ 103mhz if I don't want artifacts... Is there something I should do different to get a further OC or ....?

    - Any other tips for me?

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    A little late, but if you happen to come by and see this post:

    -Backlight bleed. Try loosening the screws around the outside of the monitor to reduce the pressure on the backlight LEDs.

    -It should definitely be safe for 24/7, as I've seen little reports of failure due to overclocking and its been quite awhile now.

    - testufo.net should be able to help you make sure you've overclocked correctly, as well as turning vsync on in a few games and making sure it sticks to your custom resolution.

    - If you've already got a color calibrator then go ahead and use it, otherwise you might just have to do it by eye or find another place online for links that are still up.

    - Its a combination of the video card, cable, and internals in the monitor. I can't tell based on the description of "artifacts" but it sounds like you might be able to get more out of another cable; that has shown to improve the overclocking for many people.

    Have fun with your kickass monitor!
    What's cookin, good lookin?


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