This is bullshit. What the hell is wrong with PROFESSIONAL companies?
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    This is bullshit. What the hell is wrong with PROFESSIONAL companies?

    So I wanted to experience G-Sync and a non OC'ed monitor.

    Got an
    Acer Predator XB271HU

    Great colors. Love the stand. Thin bezel. 144HZ is stellar, better than the 110HZ my Catleap could do. 4ms G2G, much better than Catleaps response time.

    G-Sync means I can go from 144FPS to 80FPS and still remain "smooth" gameplay wise. On my Catleap, going from 110 to 80 is often headache inducing. With G-Sync it's smooth.

    Aye, it all seemed like a grand old upgrade from my Catleap I got here in 2012. Then I decided to play Resident Evil 7. A horror game. Wahoo!

    The backlight bleed, my god, the backlight bleed.

    It was like playing with someone holding a flashlight to the upper and lower right corners. I saw a video - 2 of 20 monitors have no BLB, while 10 of them in the video had BLB that was considered "Unacceptable". So 8/20 monitors are in a "acceptable" level of BLB. 2 with none. So about a 50% failure rate. Wow, just wow.

    Then I said "Fuck it, IPS is great, but I need black levels and G-Sync is now like crack, I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT."

    So I went to Best buy and picked up a : S2716DG from Dell. A TN panel...8-bit, legendary Dell quality, and all reviews stating it has incredible colors for a TN.

    I take it out. I hook it up. Everything seems good. I can hardly believe it's a TN panel, and uncalibrated at that. Calibrated it's pretty close to a uncalibrated IPS. So I boot up RE7. Big mother'fuckin Backlight Bleed again.

    On a TN! TN aren't supposed to have BLB! What the fuck. So now BOTH are going back. These are -expensive- monitors. What the heck? Why is this acceptable? 50% of Acer's / Asus / Viewsonics are in "unusable" condition! The fuck is that?

    This is my Catleap, from 2012, side by side the "Modern" Predator

    Which is which? Well, the left is my Catleap. My mother-fucking Catleap. A cast off, no name panel from Korea, that was a dell, considered "Defective" A- panel, you guys all know the story!

    Yet this nearly 800$ monitor? Look at that shit. Which would YOU want to play on?

    I'm getting really pissed as it's going to be hard to live without G-Sync now, but there's no fucking way I am dealing with BLB. If my Catleap castoff from all the way in Korea can be just fucking fine, why should this be acceptable from a professional company?
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