How to verify pixel clock patcher working?
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    How to verify pixel clock patcher working?

    Hey, trying to overclock Acer EB321HQU (IPS, DP 1.2, 2560x1440) because motion is too blurry for my taste and im wondering if I did something wrong. Ive installed nvidia pixel clock and using CRU best as I can with the tutorials etc. I dont seem to be able to go over 330 pixel clock at all. The reason im thinking if im doing something wrong is that I never see any artifacts when going near the limit, just goes between all being perfectly normal to input not supported. 79Hz is the max I can achieve and ive tried fiddling around with timings but nothing does anything. I know it might be just a hard limit on the monitor etc but meh. How to verify that the pixel clock patcher worked? Bought this monitor to get good colours but lets be honest they arent that amazing with backlit bullshit so I might just get a high refresh monitor with blur reduction.
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