Well. It's 2018. Should I sell my Catleap2B or keep it ? Not a gamer anymore.
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    Well. It's 2018. Should I sell my Catleap2B or keep it ? Not a gamer anymore.

    So . I am about to do a new build .My Ivy Bridge 3770K rig that has basically been running 24/7 since 2012 finally took a nosedive when i had a power surge last week ( even though connected to surge protector)I just am praying that my GTX1070 is still functioning. I will be doing either a Coffee Lake 8770K ,or Ryzen2( Hopeful) build ,but I am really not a gamer anymore. I just want a powerful ,cutting edge system that can multi-task and play HD videos and maybe play some vintage old roms and emulator games. I am still feeling the sting of selling my BenQ XL2420TX 1080P 120Hz monitor to get my Catleap2B. Long term ,I feel it was a downgrade.

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    1080p to 1440p is never a downgrade, you also went from a TN 120hz to an IPS 120hz (if yours reached that).
    For what you want to do, no point changing monitors just yet, keep your Catleap until it dies :-)


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